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MOLECULES - Special Edition - Invitation to SubmitNatural Products for the Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity

Dear Colleagues,

Obesity is a pandemic disease affecting morbidity and mortality in Westernized countries and beyond. Amongst other sequelae, type 2 diabetes is a consequence of obesity, and has a high prevalence in patients with visceral obesity.Plant-derived products offer a wide, hitherto underestimated, source of promising compounds for the prevention and  reatment of obesity and its associated complications. The potential effects of promising natural compounds include, but are not restricted to, ameliorations in energy expenditure, satiety, insulin secretion, glucose utilization, adipose tissue inflammation, or beneficial interference with the gut microbiome.
Furthermore, the identification and characterization of plants and products thereof for the treatment of obesityassociated consequences such as cardiovascular diseases, renal complications, and fatty liver disease is highly desired. Finally, the synergistic interaction of natural compounds—either with each other or with established medications—for the treatment of obesity and diabetes will be a subject of interest for this Special Issue.

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Julian Weghuber
Guest Editor

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