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Industrial Computer Tomography - Experts meet at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels

WELS/AUSTRIA. Computer tomography has long become a standard in medicine. But for industrial purposes, this discipline has only recently started to gain such importance. At the International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (ICT) at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels in Upper Austria, specialists from all over the world met and discussed recent developments.

The participants included many experts from research and industry from Europe, the USA and Asia. They all used the opportunity to gather information about the newest developments in Industrial CT and to present their works.

Computer Tomography uses X-radiation to examine materials, and to analyse, measure and visualize the results. CT is increasingly being used in the non-destructible analysis of components as well as for precise measurements. Applications are found for example in aircraft industry and automotive industry but also in research and science. In addition, CT methods are applied in age determination, for example in art, as a basis for reconstructions and simulations, or in the determination of material characteristics. In this field, the plastics industry is a major driving force in this development.

The iCT conference at the University of Applied Sciences (FH OÖ) in Wels took place for the eighth time. It has grown year by year. This time, the conference lasted four days and the campus in Wels is getting short of space. „This event on industrial computer tomography is unique in the world“, says one of the ICT founders, Professor Johann Kastner of the FH OÖ. A guest from Belgium, Professor Wim Dewulf of KU Leuven, appreciates above all the interaction between industry and research. After all, representatives of the major research institutes in Berlin and Japan as well as participants from well-known companies including BMW, Siemens, Airbus, Boeing or Zeiss took part at the iCT.

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