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More than 300 R&D projects are carried out annually by our researchers at our 4 faculties. They cooperate with more than 600 national and international business and scientific partners.

(co)Operation SKD

This project is developing an economical end-to-end process for the production of valuable products (antibiotics, anticancer agents, anti-inflammatories) from...   more

ADAM - Advanced multimodal data analysis and visualization of composites based on grating interferometer micro-CT data

ADAM investigates and implements new multimodal data analysis and visualisation techniques to harness the great potential of innovative 3D Talbot-Lau grating...   more
  • DI (FH) Dr. Christoph Heinzl
  • Measuring and Testing Technolgy


In order to assess the added value of automated vehicles on the road in terms of traffic ensity or pollution, evidence-based comparisons must be made with the current...   more
  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gerald Ostermayer
  • Information and Communication Systems


The goal is the automated and non-destructive testing of novel 3D wattled winding technology components with active thermography to predict fatigue strength and...   more
  • DI (FH) Dr. techn. Günther Mayr
  • Automated Control Engineering and Simulation

AUToMAte - Automated Usability Testing of Mobile Applications

In this project, a tool is being developed for the automated recording and analysis of user behaviour in mobile apps. With minimal resource overhead, problems and...   more
  • FH-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Clemens Holzmann
  • Software Technology and Applications

Autonome Geländemähfahrzeuge

To minimise security risks when mowing alongside highways and expressways, a prototype for an unmanned vehicle is being developed that can mow these areas on its own. ...   more
  • Barbara Franz MSc
  • Software Technology and Applications

BF-GlucoSTAR - High-content Screeing Plattform zur Identifikation und Charakterisierung Insulin-mimetischer Substanzen

Identification of insulin-mimetic agents by means of biophysical and molecular-biological methods. Characterisation of the molecular mechanisms in living cells. ...   more
  • FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber
  • Food Technology and Nutrition

BF-Innenansichten eines Weizenteiges

The perception of texture is based on the microstructure of foods. To better understand the interaction of the structural elements of wheat dough, measurements from...   more
  • FH-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katrin Mathmann
  • Food Technology and Nutrition

BF-Innovative Berücksichtigung lokaler Deformationen zur Ausdehnung der Mehrkörpersimulation auf multiphysikalische Problemstellungen

The calculation of local deformations of elastic bodies in joints is critical for assessing component service life. A new method is being developed that can solve this...   more
  • FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Wolfgang Steiner
  • Automated Control Engineering and Simulation

BF-Smart Visualization 4.0

Based on the results of the ‘Perceptually-optimised Reporting Design’, differences in perception in various non-European cultures are analysed in cooperation with...   more
  • FH-Prof. Dr. Christoph Eisl
  • Controlling, Rechnungswesen und Finanzmanagement (CRF)

Bike'N'Play - Persuasive Integrationskonzepte von Fahrradmobilitätsdaten in Computerspiele unterschiedelicher Spielgenres

Bike’N’Play is developing approaches for the integration of cycling into popular computer games of various genres. By integrating mobility data into existing games,...   more
  • Wolfgang Hochleitner BSc MSc
  • Media and Knowledge Technologies

BiKoPla (Biozode Kunststoffoberflächen mittels Plasmaabscheidung)

The aim of the COIN project BIKOPLA is the development of plant and process technology for the production of antibacterial plastic surfaces using metal oxides and...   more
  • DI (FH) Dr. Gerald Zauner
  • Materials and Production Engineering

Combined Agro-Forest Biorefinery CAFB

The Combined Agro-Forest Biorefinery project produces fuels such as butanol and ethanol as well as other recoverables such as vanillin from agro-industrial wastes from...   more
  • FH-Prof. Dipl.-Bio. Dr. Alexander Jäger
  • Energy and the Environment

Connected Vehicles

This project aims to answer some of the fundamental questions raised by the operation of automated vehicles. The influence of methods for data security on road safety...   more
  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gerald Ostermayer
  • Information and Communication Systems

CrAc - CoopeRative Activities

The goal of CrAc is the development of a prototype framework for profile-based allocation of cooperative tasks to volunteers. By continuously adjusting the profile...   more
  • FH-Prof. DI (FH) Dr. Johannes Schönböck
  • Media and Knowledge Technologies

DALIA - (Assitant for Daily Life Activities at Home)

The project aims to support older people in their home environment by developing a virtual assistant (avatar). A viable business model for the product is to be...   more
  • FH-Prof. Dr. Johannes Kriegel MBA MPH
  • Quality of Life for the Elderly


Receptor proteins on the surface of human cells play a key role in the transmission of signals from the environment into the interior of the cell. A complex network of...   more
  • FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stephan Winkler
  • Software Technology and Applications

digital assembly - first step in lot size 1

Together with BRP Powertrain, RISC Software GmbH, Hagenberg Software GmbH and ABF Industrielle Automation GmbH, concepts are being developed for the assembly of...   more
  • FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Michael Affenzeller
  • Software Technology and Applications

DLC Schichtentwicklung

Deposition processes for diamond-like carbon coatings on various steels are being developed using glow discharge plasma and carbon-containing gases. These coatings are...   more


Informing traffic participants in the entire road network on-time concerning hazard exposure is at present not entirely possible because automatic incident recognition...   more
  • FH-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Krösche
  • Information and Communication Systems

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