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More than 400 R&D projects are carried out annually by our researchers at our 4 faculties. They cooperate with more than 600 national and international business and scientific partners.


The “NDTonAIR” consortium involves Universities, Research Organisations and major European companies working on new Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and…   mehr
  • Leiter: DI (FH) Dr. techn. Günther Mayr
  • Measuring and Testing Technolgy

TC-LOEM - Laser induced surface modification to generate bio compatible microstructures

The project addresses the development of a low cost two-photon-lithography system. The setup should be able to modify the surface of microstructures to achieve…   mehr
  • Leiter: FH-Assistenzprof. Dr. Armin Hochreiner
  • Medical Engineering

Innovative Forecast- and Demand-adjustment applying new Information Technologies

Overproduction, high inventory, a lot of overtime but still a low service level performance and high costs for express delivery are problems that Austrian…   mehr
  • Leiter: Priv. Doz. FH-Prof. DI (FH) Klaus Altendorfer PhD
  • Production and Operations Management

Biophysical characterization of extra-cellular bio particles for therapeutical application

Bio particles play an important physiological respectively patho-physiological role, for example in the context of tissue regeneration, cancer, infections and…   mehr
Participants: Hauser
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Jaroslaw Jacak
  • Medical Engineering

BF-Adaptive beam shaping for advanced optical setups

The project is primarily concerned with the thematic of the adaptive optic amongst others in combination with machine learning. By utilizing the…   mehr
Participants: Höglinger | Haghofer | Janout | Buchegger
  • Leiter: FH-Assistenzprof. Dr. Armin Hochreiner
  • Medical Engineering

BF-Lipo-Shuttle: BF-Characterization and application of modified lipoprotein particles for the transfer of fat-soluble and medically relevant substances

Lipoproteins can be used as an effective shuttle for nutritional supplements (vitamins) because the phospholipid core is very well suited to contain many…   mehr
Participants: Weber | Tauscher | Lasinger
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Birgit Plochberger
  • Medical Engineering

Exploratory Pilot: Food Value Network Innovation Lab

The food industry is of great economic and social importance to the Austrian society. Thus, in 2016, the production of food and beverages generated a turnover…   mehr
Participants: Rau | Mathmann | Aschauer
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katrin Mathmann
  • Food Technology and Biotechnology

Möglichkeiten für einen Gepäck-Drop-Off im Hub-Zubringerzug zur Attraktivierung von AIRail-Kooperationen

The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform business processes and the economy as a whole in a profound way. With the possibility to gather data from machines…   mehr
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Burkhard Stadlmann
  • Automated Control Engineering and Simulation


Logistics Technologist (LOT) – new harmonized qualification to unify, regulate and optimize in an innovative concept the disparate logistics activities from a…   mehr
  • Leiter: Dr. Lisa-Maria Putz BSc MA
  • Logistikum - Logistics and Business Networks

Automated utility vehicle for transportation and work processes

Automated transport and work operations e.g. on factory premises, airports or for service tasks have the potential to greatly enhance efficiency. Nevertheless,…   mehr
Participants: Froschauer | Edlinger | Hörandner | Dumberger | Schildorfer
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI (FH) Dr.techn. Roman Franz Froschauer
  • Automated Control Engineering and Simulation

Smart Phantom for Optimization and Education of Ultrasound Imaging Diagnosis and guided Interventions

The goal is to develop realistic phantoms for product development and the medical education. The purpose of these phantoms is to mimic real human tissue with…   mehr
Participants: Esterer
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Schrempf
  • Medical Engineering

TC-Einfluss von Glykosylierung und Membrankrümmung auf IgG-Effektorfunktionen

Besides their role in neutralization, antibodies mediate various functions of the immune system such as phagocytosis, cytotoxicity and maintenance of immune…   mehr
Participants: Strasser
  • Leiter: DI Dr. Johannes Preiner
  • Medical Engineering

Mixed Reality Based Collaboration 4 Industry

ProjectdescriptionMixed Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality – AR/VR, MR for short) offers different sectors of industry new possibilities for visualising…   mehr
Participants: Niedermayr | Aschauer | Reisner-Kollmann
  • Leiter: DI Mag. Dr. Josef Wolfartsberger
  • Production and Operations Management

Characterization of Thrombocyte Aggregation under Flow Conditions

With microfluidics technology, it is possible to predict how the human body is going to react to implants. In this project scientists use super-resolution…   mehr
Participants: Hauser
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Jaroslaw Jacak
  • Medical Engineering

Collaborative Personalized Interaction

 Today′s work environments are often characterized by high flexibility in terms of working time models (e.g., flexitime models, time shifts through…   mehr
Participants: Neumayr
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI (FH) Dr. Mirjam Augstein
  • Software Technology and Applications


The FFG programme line stipulates that COMET K1-Centres should be formed betweenscience and industry and that the work should be carried out on a competitive…   mehr
Participants: Mathmann | Weghuber | Zieher | Maier | Pitsch | Schwarzinger | Haghofer | Lasinger
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber
  • Food Technology and Biotechnology


The aim of this project is the development of innovative pharmaceutical tea products on the basis of selected tea varieties. These products shall be enriched…   mehr
Participants: Müller | Schwarzinger | Stübl
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber
  • Food Technology and Biotechnology

SIP-SME Service Innovations Process für Klein- und Mittelunternehmen

Due to the increasing global competition, the companies have to expand their innovative products and services offer in order to stay competitive.  Service…   mehr
Participants: Überwimmer | Schmidthaler | Fratrič
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Margarethe Überwimmer
  • Global Business Management


More information:  http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/daphne   mehr
Participants: Jung
  • Leiter: Dr. Lisa-Maria Putz BSc MA
  • Logistikum - Logistics and Business Networks

LOG-Danube Skills

Today there is still a lack of transparency and knowledge on how to integrate green Danube Navigation into sustainable transport solutions. Increased…   mehr
Participants: Haller | Wesp
  • Leiter: Dr. Lisa-Maria Putz BSc MA
  • Logistikum - Logistics and Business Networks

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