Mission Statement

To see inside components, to evaluate materials and specimen in a way that their further application is not influenced and their shape is not modified - in short non destructive -  is a very common request of quality control. Computed tomography (CT) is the method which excellently fulfills all these demands. The major aim of the CT group at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences is to research and explore novel methods of computed tomography for specific industrial tasks.

"To be the first contact for quantitative CT in metrology, material science and CT-visualisation" - that is our vision for the future and we aim to achieve it by contiuously adding to our expertise in the CT-field.

Our mission is ...

  • ...to look inside of materials and components in order to
    • assess them qualitatively and quantitatively as well as non-destructively and contact-free
    • and in this way suppport our customers in research and development as well as production.
  • ...to apply and develop the latest state of the art CT-technologies.
  • ...to do application-oriented basic research.
  • ...to build knowledge and disseminate this knowledge in the field of industrial CT. 
  • ...to initiate regional and international R&D projects in the iCT -field in Europe.
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