ASIC is a research and development institute and part of the University of applied sciences Upper Austria Campus Wels which is committed to the distribution of renewable sources of energy in general and more specifically to the intensification of research in the field of solar technology.

The ASIC has been involved in research and development in the area of solar technology in Wels since March 2000. A platform between research, training and commercial enterprises has been created thanks to the financial support of the region of Upper Austria, the city of Wels and the electric power company of Wels. The main tasks of the ASIC include research and development in addition to project management in the field of solar energy.

We provide the following specific services:

  • Measurement of solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules
  • Functional and revenue monitoring of thermal solar plants and PV systems
  • Project management and concept development in the field of renewable energy  
  • Simulations to support planning activites
  • Determination of optical characteristics of materials
  • Consultation which is not specific to firms or products
  • Lectures
  • Training
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