Support for the construction and operation of PV systems

Photovoltaic systems have now become the standard systems in the field of energy supply. Nevertheless, a proactive planning and implementation, and error-free operation for economic success are necessary.

The Energy Systems ASIC offers extensive scientific know-how in this area and the necessary software and hardware. In many projects, this expertise has already been made available for both small and large-roof-mounted systems. Particularly for estimating revenues the experience gained in international tasks can be used. An important characteristic is our independence of manufacturers and merchants; our advice is therefore always neutral!

The following services can be offered in detail:

  • Technology studies (modules, inverters, battery storage)
  • Yield assessment
  • System sizing (incl. self-consumption)
  • Independent project monitoring and evaluation of bids
  • Funding advisory
  • Product entry control
  • Error analysis (data analysis, characterisation, localisation)
  • Trainig and information sessions

Further Information

Rechberger, P., Steinmaurer, G. & Reder, R. (2013). Control Algortihms for Photovoltaic Inverters with Battery-Storage for Increased Self Consumption. In Proceedings of I3M Multiconference (SESDE). Athens.

Rechberger, P. & Steinmaurer, G. (2013). Simulation of Photovoltaic Systems with Battery-Storage and Different Control Algorithms. In Proceedings of IRES 2013. Berlin.


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