Mobile transmittance measurement of transparent materials

ASIC has been working for years on the topic of solar radiation at a scientific level and has gained wide experience in measurement and testing. The bundling of both areas of expertise led to the development of a mobile test bed, which allows to measure the transmittance of transparent materials (glass, foil, ...) at the customer’s site. The transport of bulky or fragile test items can be omitted, thus risk, time and costs for the measurement are minimized.

The accuracy of the innovative test stand is verified by comparing measurements in three recognized European test institutes. Areal, homogeneous components with dimensions greater than 100 mm x 100 mm and a maximum thickness of 50 mm can be investigated in the measuring device.

Costs per operating hour: € 175,- (net price, excl. travel costs, incl. support by Energy Systems ASiC)

Further Information

Resch, A., Kefer, P. & Steinmaurer, G. (2013). Quality assurance for solar thermal collector production. International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling. Freiburg (September 2013).


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