Innovative heat storage materials

The Energy Systems ASIC is your competent partner for new heat storage technologies with phase change materials (PCM) and thermo-chemical materials (TCM). Technological Support for efficient application (of zeolites, salt hydrates, paraffin, sugar alcohols, etc.) or selection of materials for specific applications is possible.We offer comprehensive advice for developers of thermotechnical components and systems. In addition to commercially available storage materials also newly developed materials are characterized and tested.

We offer:

  • Technology consulting
  • Thermo-physical measurements and development of materials
  • System simulation and component measurement

Further Information:

Zettl, B. (2013). FlowTCS-Verlustfreie Solarspeicher mittels thermo-chemischer Granular-Flow-Materialien. KLIEN - Science Brunch. Wien, 3. September 2013.

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