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Solar Cooling 2.0

  Large-scale solar cooling systems with contentrating collectors and multi-stage absorption chiller  Read more

Urban Storage Cluster Südburgenland

  Project duration:  09/2017 - 08/2020 Funding Agency: Klima- und Energiefonds, FFG Programme: Smart Cities Synopsis: Development of a living-lab test operation of a cluster-based energy management system in the area of the thermal region Stegersbach as well as in the urban area of Oberwat in combination with new innovative tariff models primarily for the activation, bundling…  Read more


  Creation of a platform for mapping energy consumption and generation in a spatial and temporal context with energy flow optimisation (demand/supply), considering legal, techno-logical and economic factors to assess technology based services and their underlying business models for economically viable decarbonisation  Read more


  Development of a hybrid receiver for a Fresnel collector by implementing Spectral Splitting  Read more

Development of Highly Efficient Thermochemical Storage Materials (New-TCM)

  Thermochemical storages play a key role in future energy strategies as long-term thermal storage systems. Due to their high adsorption heat salts are promising storage materials. However, the handling in terms of process engineering and technology is challenging, it is important to notice that salts also exhibit poor stability.  Read more

Methods for Energy Flow Optimization

  The project aims for the development of novel tools (mathematical algorithms) in order to coordinate the operation of future interconnected energy networks in an optimal manner. An interconnection of power grid and thermal grids will be considered. A special focus is on renewable energy sources, innovative storage systems as well as on the application in industry and domestic…  Read more

Center for Applied Smart Grid Systems (CASGriS)

  Project durcation:01/2016 - 09/2019 Funding Agency:Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, FFG  Read more

IEA SHC Task 46 Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting

  Project Duration:07/2011 - 06/2015 Project Partners:BLUE SKY Wetteranalysen Funding Agency:bmvit IEA-Task 46 "Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting" provides solar radiation data to energy providers, governmets and organisations in the field of renewable energy technologies.Unlike its predecessor Task 36, in Task 46 the „bankability“ of the data and the use of radiation…  Read more

IEA SHC Task 42 Compact Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development for System Integration

  Project Duration:2009 - 2015 Project Partners:AEEAITTU GrazUniversität Innsbruck Funding Agency:bmvit Approximately half of the European final energy demand is used for heating and cooling purposes. Therefore, technologies for increasing the share of sustainable heat sources and for improving the efficiency of thermal systems are of key importance. Current thermal energy…  Read more

ASTTP - Solar heat technological platform

  Project Partners:AEE INTECVerband Austria SolarJoanneum Research (JOINTS)'Arsenal ResearchPolymer Competence Centre LeobenPodesser ConsultingTU Graz, Institut für Wärmetechnik Funding Agency:FFG Energie der Zukunft In the framework of the Austrian Solar Thermal Technology Platform, in which all relevant companies and research institutions are involved, a research agenda in…  Read more

IEA-SHC TASK 48 „Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Solar Cooling"

  Market launch of solar thermal cooling and air conditioning  Read more

IEA SHC Task 44, Solar and Heat Pump Systems

  Project Duration:2010 - 2013 Project Partners:AEE INTEC, IWT-TU Graz, AIT Funding Agency:bmvit Solar Systems in combination with heat pumps are systematically analyzed with the help of modeling and simulation, laboratory tests and field measurements, then a classification of the systems is conducted. Standardized test methods and methods for performance evaluaton are…  Read more

System combination of PV hybrid modules and ground-source heat pumps for more efficiency (Cool PV)

  Project Duration:04/2014 - 03/2016 Project Leader:Güssing Energy TechnologiesWienerstraße 49A-7540 Güssing Funding Agency:Climate and Energy Fund  Read more

Solar Hybrid Systems for Heating and Cooling (SolarHybrid)

  Project Duration:  01/2014 - 06/2016 Project Leader: Universität Innnsbruck Pink GmbH Cofely GmbH Funding Agency: Energieforschung (e"MISSION.at) Solar technologies are promising for a sustainable supply of heat and cold demand in Austria. Effective solar hybrid systems can be realized if the underlying base technologies are optimized and adapted for these kinds of…  Read more

Solar Exergy Allocation (Solex)

  New testing laboratory for the study of medium-temperature collectors  Read more

Electricity Storage Management (EStore-M)

  Development of a dynamic energy management system  Read more

Sensors for sorptive heat storage technology (SenSor)

  Further development of sensors to measure the humidity of heat storage material  Read more

Usage of hydration enthalpy and solar heat for the precast concrete element production (HYDRASOL)

  Worldwide first usage of hydration enthalpy in combination with solar heat to reduce the energy demand  Read more

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