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Monitoring of public funding for electricity storage

Electricity storage for photovoltaic systems

In Upper Austria there is a trend towards own green electricity generation with photovoltaic systems. In 2013 alone, more than 5.000 new systems with an output of 49.000 kWpeak were installed. More and more often, the topic of storing the self-generated electricity arises. The state of Upper Austria promoted the purchase of stationary solar power storage systems with lithium-ion technology for private households with a maximum of 50% of the acquisition costs or a maximum of 800 euros per kilowatt hour of storage nominal capacity (up to a maximum of 6 kWh).

After the first call for tenders was sold out within a week, a second quota was launched, which was also sold out within a very short time. The aim of the funding is to establish storage systems on the market and thus to provide incentives for further development and cost reduction. By storing solar power, the operators of PV systems can significantly increase the self-consumption rate and thus contribute to the energy transition. A large number of the participants have decided to collect and make available measurement data, such as energy generation, consumption and storage use, for scientific evaluation.

The energy research group ASiC will carry out the periodic evaluation of these data on behalf of the state of Upper Austria over the next 5 years. This effectively promotes the further development of battery storage systems and better plans future support measures. Regular reports on plant performance are prepared as part of the monitoring: 

  • Plant performance
  • Storage use
  • Special incidents
  • Self-consumption rates
  • Economic calculation
  • Statements on the storage status (lifetime estimation)

In addition, participants can decide for a package with a personal evaluation.

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