FH Upper AustriaResearch & Development

Food Technology and Nutrition Center of Excellence


  • Two wet-lab chemistry labs including standard instruments for chemical-analytical, biochemical, biomolecular, microbiological and cell biological experiments
  • Microscopy lab with two TIR-fluorescence microscopes, well-plate reader and UV-illumination System
  • Two cell-culture labs including large pool of various mammalian cell-lines
  • Microbiological lab
  • Fermentation lab
  • Bakery lab including sensory room
  • Brewery

Olympus IX81 TIR-fluorescence microscope (cellFRAP, Hamamatsu ImagEM, IX2-DSU confocal unit, 405-488-515-561-640 nm laser) | Nikon Eclipse Ti2 TIR-fluorescence microscope (Andor FRAPPA, Andor Zykla sCMOS 4.2, temperature and CO2 incubation chamber, 405-445-488-515-561-640 nm laser) |Bio-Rad Imager gel documentation system | Bio-Rad C1000 thermal cycler | Bio-Rad CFX96 real time detection system | Thermo UltiMate 3000 HPLC | Thermo ISQ QD single quadrupole MS | Horiba ICP-OES Ultima 2 | Dionex ICS-1000 | Jasco FT/IR 4100 spectrometer | Caco-2 transwell system | Multichannel ussing chamber | Vilber Lourmat Bio-Sun UV-radiation system | HET-CAM model | BMG Polarstar Omega plate reader | CO2-incubators | Laminar flows | BenchTop Pro freeze dryer | technical center for bakery processing

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