Food Technology and Nutrition Center of Excellence

Bioavailability, pharmacokinetics and analysis of physiological parameters in vivo

Clinical trials aim to test drugs, certain forms of treatment, medical interventions or medical devices for their efficacy and safety. The first use of a promising medical treatment in humans should therefore be a clinical trial with the aim of testing the efficacy and tolerability of new therapies. However, such a trial can only take place when sufficient data are available for safe implementation and a positive vote has been obtained from the ethics committee concerned. In order to minimize external interferences, such studies are conducted in a controlled environment. Due to successfully conducted studies in different areas (hypertension, dental health, blood glucose levels, bioavailability) we have great expertise for all project phases. Good networking allows us to mediate between clinical institutions, physicians, subjects, companies and scientific partners to ensure successful implementation.


R&D Services
  • Study design
  • Submission to the ethics committee
  • Scientific monitoring of the study or general implementation
  • Recruitment of test persons
  • Contact mediation to clinics and hospitals
  • Scientific evaluation incl. statistics
  • Publication of study results in renowned peer-reviewed journals
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