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Post-Doctorate FH-Prof. PD Dr. Julian Weghuber

Priv. Doz. Dr. Julian Weghuber (Institute for Biophysics)

Weghuber’s paper titled "Identification and Quantitation of Protein-Protein Interactions Required for Cellular Signal Transduction via Micro-Structured Surfaces" focuses on developing and implementing a method based on micro-structured surfaces and fluorescence microscopy to quantitively analyze protein-protein interactions in living cells.

Born in 1979, Weghuber studied genetics in Vienna and earned a doctorate degree at MFPL Vienna. He subsequently accepted a post-doc position at JKU. Weghuber was also actively involved with the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria as well as at the K1-Center FFoQSI.  He has received numerous grants for his work, including the PhytoDoc from the Upper Austrian government and the EU in the amount of € 320,000 as well as the Josef Ressel Center for Phytogenic Drug Research Grant in the amount of € 1,600,000.

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