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Food Technology and Nutrition Center of Excellence

Recent Projects

2019 - TC PhytoCluster

Establishment of a new screening strategy ("PhytoCluster") based on the combination of in-silico analyses and cell biological methods (Innovative Upper Austria 2020, 48.247,- Euro)

2019 - Josef Ressel Center for Phytogenic Drug Research

Analysis of phytogenic substances in nutrition for the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome in humans. Effects of phytogenic additives in feed on improving the health and performance of animals. (CDG, 1.4 million euros)

2019 - Phytogenics

Molecular biological characterisation of protective mechanisms of selected phytogenic substances (FFG, dissertation programme of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences, 120.000,- Euro)

2018 - FODMAPs

Analytical methods for the detection of FODMAPs and participating microorganisms (FFG, dissertation programme of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences, 120.000,- Euro)

2018 - TC BioScreen

Development of microscopic analyses of proteins and their binding partners in the plasma membrane of living cells (Innovative Upper Austria 2020, 111.500,- Euro)

2017 - FFoQSI

K1 Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation, FFoQSI (FFG, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna, 16.4 million euros)

Completed Projects

2017 - GlucoTOP

Development of antidiabetic food supplements (LuxInnovation, 225.000,- Euro)

2018 - Acrylamid

Development of processes to reduce the acrylamide content in grain-based coffee substitutes (Clusterinitiative OÖ 2014-2020, 20.000,- Euro)

2017 - TeaStar

Development of pharmaceutical tea products with health-promoting effects (Clusterinitiative OÖ 2014-2020, 70.000,- Euro)

2015 - PhytoSTAR

Identification and characterisation of phytogenic substances with antidiabetic effects (FFG Bridge1, 380.000,- Euro)

2016 - LipoDrop

Identification of phytogenic substances to prevent intracellular fat deposition in lipid droplets (core funding FH OÖ, 70.000,- Euro)

2016 - SLF

Increasing the food research at the Wels campus (OÖ, 400.000,- Euro)

2015 - GlucoSTAR

Screening-platform for the identification and characterization of insulin-mimetic substances (core funding FH OÖ, 80.000,- Euro)

2014 - StarPatt

Development of a high-throughput screening method based on microstructured surfaces (Micro-patterning) (FFG Bridge early stage, 305.000,- Euro)

2013 - PhytoDoc

Research on molecular modes of action of phytamines in the human body (EU/Land OÖ - EFRE, 310.000,- Euro)

2012 - Celmophyt

Bioavailability of selected phytamines using in vitro cell culture models (FFG core funding, 40.000,- Euro)

2011 - Detector | MicroProt

Bioinformatic development of a micro-patterning assay for the detection of the influence of phytamines on important cellular signal transduction proteins (core funding FH OÖ, 170.000,- Euro)

2010 - Regio13: Functional Food

Basic research in the field of functional food and bioenergy (EU/Land OÖ - EFRE, 1 Mio. Euro)

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