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  • Bernhard Blank-Landeshammer, Gerald Klanert, Lisa Mitter, Sophia Turisser, Nicolas Nusser, Alice König, Marcus Iken, Julian Weghuber (2022)  Improved Bioavailability and Bioaccessibility of Lutein and Isoflavones in Cultured Cells In Vitro through Interaction with Ginger, Curcuma and Black Pepper Extracts Antioxidants 11:  1917. 
  • Mara Heckmann, Nadiia Sadova, Ivana Drotarova, Stefanie Atzmüller, Bettina Schwarzinger, Roberto Mauricio Carvalho Guedes, Paula Angelica Correia, Stefan Hirtenlehner, Christine Potthast, Gerald Klanert, Julian Weghuber (2022)  Extracts Prepared from Feed Supplements Containing Wood Lignans Improve Intestinal Health by Strengthening Barrier Integrity and Reducing Inflammation Molecules 27:  6327. 
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  • Cindy Dirscherl, Sara Loechte, Zeynep Hein, Janine-Denise Kopicki, Antonia Regina Harders, Noemi Linden, Julian Weghuber, Maria Garcia-Alai, Charlotte Uetrecht, Martin Zacharias, Jacob Piehler, Peter Lanzerstorfer, Sebastian Springer (2022)  Dissociation of β2m from MHC Class I Triggers Formation of Noncovalent, Transient Heavy Chain Dimers Journal of Cell Science April 22:  259498. 
  • Tina Karimian, Roland Hager, Andreas Karner, Julian Weghuber, Peter Lanzerstorfer (2022)  A simplified and robust activation procedure of glass surfaces for printing proteins and subcellular micropatterning experiments Biosensors 12:  140. 
  • Mara Heckmann, Gerald Klanert, Georg Sandner, Peter Lanzerstorfer, Manfred Auer, Julian Weghuber (2022)  Fluorescence Microscopy-Based Quantitation of GLUT4 Translocation Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 10: 022001


  • Ilka Günther, Gerald Rimbach, Sandra Nevermann, Cathrina Neuhauser, Verena Stadlbauer, Bettina Schwarzinger, Clemens Schwarzinger, Ignacio R Ipharraguerre, Julian Weghuber, Kai Lüersen (2021)  Avens root (Geum urbanum L.) extract discovered by target-based screening exhibits antidiabetic activity in the hen’s egg test model and Drosophila melanogaster Frontiers in  Pharmacology 12:  794404. 
  • Roland Hager, Ulrike Müller, Nicole Ollinger, Julian Weghuber, Peter Lanzerstorfer (2021)  Subcellular dynamic immunopatterning of cytosolic protein complexes on microstructured polymer substrates ACS Sensors 6: 11. 4076-4088.
  • Clemens Röhrl, Stefanie Steinbauer, Raimund Bauer, Eva Roitinger, Katharina Otteneder, Melanie Wallner, Cathrina Neuhauser, Bettina Schwarzinger, Clemens Schwarzinger, Herbert Stangl, Marcus Iken, Julian Weghuber (2021)  Aqueous extracts of lingonberry and blackberry leaves identified by high-content screening beneficially act on cholesterol metabolism Food and Function 12:  21.  10432-10442.
  • Roland Hager, Johannes Pitsch, Jakob Kerbl-Knapp, Cathrina Neuhauser, Nicole Ollinger, Marcus Iken, Josef Ranner, Verena Mittermeier-Kleßinger, Corinna Dawid, Peter Lanzerstorfer, Julian Weghuber (2021)  A high-content screen for the identification of plant extracts with insulin secretion-modulating activity Pharmaceuticals 14:  809.
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  • Peter Lanzerstorfer, Georg Sandner, Johannes Pitsch, Julian Weghuber (2021)  Acute, reproductive, and developmental toxicity of essential oils assessed with alternative in vitro and in vivo systems Archives of Toxicology 95:  2.  673–691. 
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Conference papers

  • Herbert Schneckenburger, Petra Weber, Michael Wagner, Sandra Enderle, Julian Weghuber, Peter Lanzerstorfer (2019) Combining TIR and FRET: from fluorescence microscopy to a multiwell reader system In: PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, Advances in Microscopic Imaging II European Conferences on Biomedical Optics.

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