Efficient Research & Development

For our partners, a joint project will be a particularly financially manageable and efficient operation with minimal risk. The developed solutions are tailored specifically to the individual needs of our partner and result into marketable products and processes. This enhances our cooperation partners’ competitiveness with innovation and new technologies in order to secure the Central European business location.

Access to state of the art know-how

We offer our partners state of the art know-how in our 16 main areas of research as well as our experience in managing R&D projects.

Interdisciplinary R&D

Our special feature is the interdisciplinary combination of different areas of research. Combining economics, technology and social sciences results in solutions that are even closer to the users’ needs and give economy and society the decisive lead.

Synergy between R & D, education and business

Our partners benefit from the synergies which develop out of close co-operation between R&D, teaching and industry. Our students and graduates are always up-to-date with state of the art technologies and are therefore highly qualified for jobs in high-tech industries and/or institutions in the health and social services.

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