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Josef Ressel Center for Thermal NDE of Composites

The main objective of the Josef Ressel Center (JRC) is the improvement of thermal NDE in terms of detection and identification of defects in composites during…   mehr
Participants: Zauner | Mayr | Gruber | Breitwieser | Thummerer | Plasser | Schager | Mayr
  • Leiter: DI (FH) Dr. techn. Günther Mayr
  • Measuring and Testing Technolgy

u'smile: JRC for User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments

Mobile services have already become a corner stone of daily life in many developed and developing countries, ranging from simple, localized tourist guides to…   mehr
Participants: Roland | Riedl | Schoiber | Mayrhofer
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Renè Mayrhofer
  • Information and Communication Systems

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