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Plattform für die Diagnostik von Biomarkern und Analyse der Wirkstoffdynamik

The aim of this project is to expand the infrastructural and methodological basis for novel diagnostics and drug development. Innovative biological models and...   more
Participants: Preiner | Mairhofer | Karner
  • Leiter: DI Dr. Johannes Preiner
  • Medical Engineering

Connected Vehicles

In the context of automated driving vehicles, very fundamental questions arise. Some of them should be answered in the course of this project. The main topics...   more
Participants: Backfrieder | Lindorfer | Schoiber | Werth | Röbl
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gerald Ostermayer
  • Information and Communication Systems

ProFVK - Industrielle Produktionsprozesse für die Verarbeitung von FaserVerbundKundststoffen und zur Herstellung von Leichtbaustrukturen

Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) have become synonymous with lightweight construction in recent years. The enormous potential of FRP in lightweight applications...   more
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. h.c. Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Stadlbauer
  • Materials and Production Engineering

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