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Co-located Play im Kontext AR/VR: Aktuelle VR/AR-Lösungen für Mobile Devices (Vuforia, Wikitude) und Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), wie Hololens, Vive und…   more

(co)Operation SKD

This project is developing an economical end-to-end process for the production of valuable products (antibiotics, anticancer agents, anti-inflammatories) from…   more

2020 Linzer Sozialprogramm - Linzer Sozialprogramm 2020

The city of Linz is growing. A new welfare program intends to incorporate this population growth into its concept for modern urban development. The FH OÖ will…   more
Participants: Ortner | Hasengruber

Active Office

Arbeitsbedingte Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparates haben sich zu den häufigsten chronischen Krankheiten der modernen Gesel­lschaft entwickelt. Die…   more

Active Office - - Acitve Office

Arbeitsbedingte Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparates haben sich zu den häufigsten chronischen Krankheiten der modernen Gesel­lschaft entwickelt. Die…   more

ADAM - Advanced multimodal data analysis and visualization of composites based on grating interferometer micro-CT data

Recent advances in 3D X-ray computed tomography (XCT) hardware have enabled applying the principles of Talbot–Lau grating interferometry (TLGI) in the first…   more


In order to assess the added value of automated vehicles on the road in terms of traffic ensity or pollution, evidence-based comparisons must be made with the…   more

Advanced Analytics for Production (ADAPT)

By using advanced analytics methods, datadriven, practice-relevant models for plant and process optimization are being developed for companies. The main…   more

AFA - Problemfelder und Herausforderungen afghanischer Frauen auf dem Weg in den Oö. Arbeitsmarkt

In recent years, labour market integration of women from Afghanistan has not been as successful as for men. The research project aims to develop suggestions…   more
Participants: Hasengruber


Im Forschungsprojekt AdCAVE wurde ein Mixed Reality (MR) - System zur dreidimensionalen Visualisierung und Optimierung von Montageprozessen aufgebaut. Die…   more

AGT-ASC - Adaptive Supply Chain

Ziel des Projektes ASC – Adaptive Supply Chain ist die Schaffung eines durchgängigen, transparenten und adaptiven Wertschöpfungsnetzwerkes. Der Ausgangspunkt…   more

AIR - Advanced Interface Research

The goal of the project AIR (Advanced Interface Research) is to explore new ways of interaction with interactive systems in real-world scenarios, looking…   more


In order to create a center of algal biotechnology, a process for ethanol and starch production produced by cyanobacteria should be established as…   more
Participants: Nicoletti

Alleine im Homeoffice? - Lonely home office? A "Systemic Personal Assistance Program" supports employees caught between isolation and overwhelming pressure.

The project "Alone in the Home Office" is funded by the Future Fund "Arbeit Mensch Digital" of AK Upper Austria. Predominant work in the home office develops…   more
Participants: Sweet


The aim of the research project is to test innovative 3D braided-winding technology components with Active Thermography in an automated and non-destructive…   more
Participants: Gruber | Pöchacker


This project makes the structured design, innovation and manufacturing process from the idea to the final product tangible. Workshops are developed and carried…   more

ATLab - Assistive Technology Lab, providing ePad Access to people with disabilities

More than 10 million disabled people live in the region of D-A-CH. Special input devices and adequate software are barely available and mostly very…   more
Participants: Stitz

Atmende Produktion

Anfang dieses Jahres hat der FH-OÖ Campus Steyr gemeinsam mit dem Mechatronik-Cluster, dem Cluster Mechatronik & Automation in Bayern, und der Fachhochschule…   more

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