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LIFEtool gemeinnützige GmbH

"The long-term cooperation with the FH Upper Austria Hagenberg Campus enabled LIFEtool to successfully implement numerous R&D projects and to find new solutions for people with disabilities. The focus of our collaboration has been the research of barrier-free access to tablet technology, special developments for neuro-rehab therapy and, through study projects, to find new ways…  Read more

Emporia Telecom GmbH & Co KG

"As an Austrian mobile phone manufacturer, we have been delighted to have had various cooperation agreements with the FH Upper Austria Hagenberg Campus for 10 years. With the Mobile Computing study group and the Research Group Mobile Interactive Systems, we have led numerous development projects to a common success. The latest activity was the support of a user study regarding…  Read more

Aicher IT-Consulting GmbH

"Through FH Upper Austria Hagenberg Campus, an effective and result-oriented way of research has been opened up to us (an SME start-up) by research which allows us to develop better products for our customers and even to gain new customer groups for our company and we want to further intensify this cooperation in the coming years." DI(FH) Martin Aicher und Georg Aicher, MScCo-…  Read more


"As a small company, we depend on specialists from outside. We are in control of our own competence area but we cannot cover the entire range of specialist skills like large companies. The very close cooperation with the FH Upper Austria Hagenberg Campus for research & innovation contributes to a great dynamic and performance increase in our own operation and creates…  Read more


"In research collaborations between the Medical Technology Cluster and the Linz Medical Technology Department, relevant companies benefit not only from engineering competence, but also from a broad knowledge of the medical technology industry and the dynamic development of this innovation-driven market." Nora Mack, BSc MBA  Cluster-ManagerMedizintechnik-ClusterBusiness Upper…  Read more

Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH

"Markets that change extremely quickly and product life cycles that are becoming shorter and shorter demand a structured and targeted promotion of innovation. In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, we were able to develop a process model with the title" voice of customer " which will enable us to recognize the changes in the market needs of our…  Read more


"The joint cooperation projects contribute significantly to the innovation activity at LINZ AG!" Mag. Dr. Jutta Rinner, MBADirector of the Boardwww.linzag.at   Read more

Octapharma Pharmazeutika Prod.Ges.m.b.H.

"Biotechnology is an integral part of development and production in the pharmaceutical industry. The fundamental scientific and technical knowledge necessary for this must be mediated through application. This is an excellent opportunity for graduates to have excellent job opportunities in this field". Dr. Wolfgang FrenzelSenior Vice PresidentInternational Medical Directorwww.…  Read more

R'n'B Medical Software Consulting GmbH

"I started my own career in the R&D department of the Medical Technology Department of Linz, so I know about the highly innovative power of the research work done there, as well as the relevant regulatory competencies. Today, without this know-how no medical device can be successfully placed on the market". Dr. Michael RingR'n'B Medical Software Consulting GmbHwww.rnb-consulti…  Read more

TGW Logistics Group GmbH

"Developing sales models and sales concepts for hybrid package of services is a prerequisite for the company's risk protection and consequently for successful global market penetration. With its research experience, the FH Upper Austria team from Global Business Management offers a very valuable and competent support in this development." Mag. Patrick SteinwendnerDirector…  Read more

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