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Social and health services and other services under public responsibility are of direct relevance for the quality of life of the citizens. As a result of changing social conditions as well as economic and technological developments, a dynamic change is taking place in these fields. Innovations based on research & development make an important contribution to addressing these challenges.

Social science research in the area of ​​social work is oriented towards a critical reflection of social policy-relevant social problem areas and the development of action-oriented solutions. In addition to the research topic "Intercultural Competence", special emphasis will be placed on the area of violence prevention, whereby existing competences in the fields of criminology, developmental psychology and family therapy are bundled.

The research activities in the area of ​​health and social management aim for organizational and economic optimization of social and health services in order to achieve higher efficiency and cost effectiveness of the care systems. Special attention is paid to solving problems at the system interfaces.

In the field of ​​public management, the emphasis is on scientific monitoring of the continuing implementation of an effective management of administration. Particular attention will be paid to the challenges of inter-communal cooperation as well as the process optimization and participation processes required in this context.


Consulting, development, evaluation and social impact value model for interdisciplinary social work in public space

The research project is concerned with the creation of an impact model. The central question deals with the success, use, and impact of the project…   mehr
Participants: Prinz | Pree
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DSA Dr. Marianne Gumpinger
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

Problems and challenges of Afghan women on their way into the labour market in Upper Austria

In recent years, labour market integration of women from Afghanistan has not been as successful as for men. The research project aims to develop suggestions…   mehr
Participants: Hasengruber
  • Leiter: FH-Assistenzprof. Mag. Dr. Daniela Wetzelhütter
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

Europe 2038

How will Europe look like in 2038? What are the visions for a future Europe of young citizens today? What are their answers of today’s major societal…   mehr
Participants: Strohmeier | Mayr | Kremshuber | Kapéter | Steiner
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD Mag. Dr. Dagmar Strohmeier
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

Mobbing in multikulturellen Schulen aus einer Sozialen Netzwerk Perspektive

The new knowledge regarding the acculturative importance of peer networks in multicultural classes can easily be integrated in the ViSC Program. The practical…   mehr
Participants: Stefanek | Yanagida | Burger
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD Mag. Dr. Dagmar Strohmeier
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

Acceptance survey within the autoBAHN 2020 project

The survey is part of the project autoBAHN 2020 (Prof. Stadlmann, Wels Campus). It examines the necessary conditions for passengers in order to accept…   mehr
Participants: Kränzl-Nagl | Ortner | Nikitina
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. MMag. Dr. Franziska Cecon
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

Evaluation des Projektes "Schulsozialarbeit des Vereins NEUSTART an der Berufsschule Ried"

(Wie) wirkt Schulsozialarbeit?Mit der Wirkung von Schulsozialarbeit an Berufsschulen setzt sich ein aktuelles Forschungsprojekt der FH OÖ auseinander. Hierfür…   mehr
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD Mag. Dr. Petra Wagner
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

Interkulturelle Freundschaften von Jugendlichen in multikulturellen Schulklassen

According to official statistics, in 2009 approximately 1,468 million people with immigrant background were living in Austria at the time, accounting for 17.8%…   mehr
Participants: Stefanek
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD Mag. Dr. Dagmar Strohmeier
  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management


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