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At the center of this focus is the optimized and material-specific processing of polymer materials and metals. Extrusion technology, injection molding and thermoforming are the focus of the research activities in plastics technology, with a special focus on the tribological and rheological interactions in plastic processing systems and tools.

The improvement of the properties of tool steels and modern steels for lightweight construction is the core of the R & D activity in metals, with the emphasis on heat treatment, forming and surface technology.

For research and development in plastic manufacturing processes, two thermoforming systems, a measuring extruder and a blown film line are available. (DSC, DMA, SEM with EDX, confocal microscopy, contact angle measurement, XRD, GDOES, metallography, quenching-forming- Dilatometry, etc.) create the necessary experimental basis for the generation of material data, which is supplemented by modern simulation techniques.

The focus of current R & D activities is on the following areas:

>> Plastics processing (plastic tribology, practical rheology, simulation of plastic manufacturing processes, screw plastification systems, injection molding, thermoforming)
>> Forming technology (cold and hot forming, light metal forming, tool wear) >> Heat treatment technology (process optimization, surface hardening) Surface technology (plasma nitriding, PACVD, wear behavior)
>> Metallurgy and Alloy Development (ESU, High Strength Steels, Tool Steels)
>> Rapid Prototyping, -Tooling, -Manufacturing


ReMaP: Research of Magnesium Alloys for Additive Manufacturing of Structural and Biodegradable Parts

The INTERREG AT-CZ project ReMaP aims at the development of novel magnesium (Mg) alloys for future applications in lightweight construction and as implant…   mehr
Participants: Kastenhofer
  • Leiter: Sascha Senck Dipl.-Biol. PhD
  • Materials and Production Engineering

Proton gradients in bacterial protein translocation

In cooperation with the Johannes Kepler University Linz, this project attempts to show how proteins can be transported through the plasma membrane.…   mehr
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Birgit Plochberger
  • Materials and Production Engineering

ProFVK - Industrielle Produktionsprozesse für die Verarbeitung von FaserVerbundKundststoffen und zur Herstellung von Leichtbaustrukturen

Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) have become synonymous with lightweight construction in recent years. The enormous potential of FRP in lightweight applications…   mehr
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. h.c. Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Stadlbauer
  • Materials and Production Engineering

Kunststoffzentrum OÖ

Ziel ist der Auf- und Ausbau eines Forschungsschwerpunkts Kunststoffverarbeitung und Kunststoffcharakterisierung am FH OÖ Standort in Wels. Von den…   mehr
Participants: Zitzenbacher | Kneidinger | Plank
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Gernot Zitzenbacher
  • Materials and Production Engineering


Further projects

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