Center of Excellence Achieving more with the 6 platforms

In accordance with the priority areas of the strategic programme  „Innovative Upper Austria 2020“ – industrial production processes, energy, health/aging population, food/nutrition and mobility /logistics Center of Excellence have been implemented in order to meet the requirements of the strategic programme.

Center of Excellence for Smart Production

With the Internet enabling things to communicate with each other, products and machines have become ‘intelligent’. The principal goal of the Center of Excellence for Smart Production is to research different models in order to optimise the use of distributed intelligence. The development of innovative modelling, simulation and optimisation approaches is equally important for enabling holistic process evaluation and fully realising the potential for optimisation and includes, of course, business model innovation. Moreover, new fields of application in 3D printing/rapid prototyping — of metal components in particular — are being researched.

Manuel Brunner, +43 5 0804 33293,

Center of Excellence Energy

Research is focused on industrial production processes and systems engineering as well as management, simulation and optimisation of (renewable) energy technologies. Work is being done on topics such as decentralised systems, load management and integration of thermal and electrical energy storage. In the bioenergy sector, researchers are addressing the development of production processes of advanced biofuels (bioethanol from straw) and the optimisation of biogas processes.

Contact: DI Dr. techn. Gerald Steinmaurer, +43 5 0804 46910,

Center of Excellence Medical Engineering/TIMed CENTER

Researchers at the TIMed Center focus their scientific work on biomedical data analysis, biomimetics and materials development, biomedical sensors, highresolution imaging, medical simulators and drug characterisation. In order to develop interdisciplinary, technical solutions to problems in the field of medicine with its cooperation partners, the TIMed Center combines the strengths of the four University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria campuses in Hagenberg, Linz, Steyr and Wels at the interface between technology and medicine. The Center’s Core Facilities make shared resources available in order to facilitate collaboration.

Contact: DI (FH) Thomas Kern, +43 5 0804 27110,

Center of Excellence Food Technology | Nutrition

The Center of Excellence Food Technology | Nutrition focuses on bioactive compounds and the formulation of functional food and feed products. Therefore, various in vitro and in vivo test systems are implemented to unravel the mode of action of the compounds on a molecular and cellular level. Another topic is food quality control through various measuring procedures.

Contact: FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber: +43 5 0804 44403;

Center of Excellence Automotive | Mobility

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is pursuing an interdisciplinary and holistic approach in the automotive and mobility sector that aims to achieve more efficient, safer and user-friendlier as well as more socially and environmentally compatible transport of people and goods. Topics such as automotive engineering, new drive technologies, vehicle communication, lightweight design and new composite materials are being explored intensively.

Contact: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Roland Markus Hinterhölzl: +43 5 0804 44550;

Center of Excellence Logistics

LOGISTICS = CLIMATE PROTECTION. In the future, climate protection will require EVEN MORE SO than today the COMBINATION of logistics competency AND technology. The competencies of the Hagenberg, Steyr and Wels campuses, the direct involvement in the Logistikum Schweiz GmbH and the close cooperation with ten first-rate international research partners make the CoE Logistics the ONE-STOP shop for addressing regional and international challenges. The portfolio includes applied research as well as a lighthouse project in flexible processing. The CoE Logistics WORKS.

Contact: FH-Prof. DI Franz Staberhofer, +43 5 0804 33210;

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