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Center of Excellence Achieving more with the 5 platforms

In accordance with the priority areas of the strategic programme  „Innovative Upper Austria 2020“ – industrial production processes, energy, health/aging population, food/nutrition and mobility /logistics Center of Excellence have been implemented in order to meet the requirements of the strategic programme.

Center of Excellence for Smart Production

The production platform supports the Institute for Intelligent Production which deals with various relevant research topics in the field of intelligent production such as the exploration of models for the use of distributed intelligence, the development of innovative approaches in modelling, simulation and optimization or 3D printing or rapid prototyping

Manuel Brunner, +43 5 0804 33293, manuel.brunner@fh-steyr.at

Center of Excellence Energy

Research in the field of energy deals with topics such as load management (or power management)(virtual power plants) and decentralized systems (smart metres).  The field of bioenergy is working hard to develop advanced biofuels such as bioethanol from straw.

Contact: DI Dr. techn. Gerald Steinmaurer, +43 5 0804 46910, gerald.steinmaurer@fh-wels.at

Center of Excellence Medical Engineering

In the field of health the focus is on health management and health technologies.  This is an area which seeks to cooperate with other research institutions and universities as well as with manufacturers and suppliers of the health and welfare sectors.

Contact: DI (FH) Thomas Kern, +43 5 0804 27110, thomas.kern@fh-hagenberg.at

Center of Excellence Food Technology/Nutrition

Foodstuffs and their components as well as diverse materials in the field of foods constitute the core topic of the center of excellence food technology/nutrition.

Contact: FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber: +43 5 0804 44403; julian.weghuber@fh-wels.at

Center of Excellence Automotive/Mobility

The efficient and effective movement of people and goods through the implmentation of a comprehensive mobility approach lies at the centre of mobility research.  Here, the research focus is especially on the topics lightweight construction, drive technology and  vehicle communication functions.  The logistikum in Steyr  is responsible for core research in logistics and stands for innovation through integrated competences and solutions in the sense of the „Innovative Chain“.

Contact: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Roland Markus Hinterhölzl: +43 5 0804 44550; roland.hinterhoelzl@fh-wels.at

Center of Excellence Logistics

Logistics has its core in the logistics center in Steyr. In terms of content, the entire logistics area is covered by the research offerings. For logistics, excellence means innovation through integrated capabilities and low-blind solutions in the sense of the "Innovation Chain".

Contact: FH-Prof. DI Franz Staberhofer, +43 5 0804 33210; franz.staberhofer@fh-steyr.at

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