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Our researchers develop specialized algorithms for the analysis of complex data from a variety of application fields in economics and science. Heuristic processes and evolutionary algorithms are used, for example, to solve optimization problems in areas such as production planning. In bioinformatics and medical informatics, intelligent software systems are developed for the analysis of molecular biological data and for the simulation of biological processes.


Bioinformatics supports life science specialists with intelligent software systems and high-performance computing. They are used for analysis of molecular biological data, the identification (unknown) proteins, epidemiological studies applied in modeling the course of various diseases and the simulation of biological processes.

Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms

The research group HEAL develops (nature-inspired) algorithms for solving complex optimization problems. Areas of application range from data-driven modeling of chemical processes over the optimization of production schedules to data mining in biomedical data.

Medical Informatics

For specific medical problems the 3D-models of human organs developed in this research group can replace lengthy investigations in modern medicine or contribute to the development of a surgical plan.

Mobile Interactive Systems

The Research Group Mobile Interactive Systems conducts research projects with partners from industry and academia to develop and evaluate novel interaction techniques, applications and services with mobile devices like smartphones, tablet computers, smart watches and pico projectors. Since 2010, the group has been working on a range of research topics in this area. Its research interests include especially the interaction between mobile devices and interactive surfaces, pen and paper interfaces, handheld augmented reality, context-aware computing, adaptive user interfaces as well as prototyping and usability testing of mobile applications.


BIOBOOST - Biomass based energy intermediates boosting biofuel production

A market  implementation scheme of ramping up energy carrier production and subsequent phase in of large scale gasification is developed  regarding optimal...   more
Participants: Pitzer | Brunner
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gabriel Kronberger
  • Software Technology and Applications

MOBILE.OLD - Residential & Outdoor Services Advancing the Mobility of Older Persons

This research project aims to provide a combined smartphone and TV-based service infrastructure with residential and outdoor services that will be delivered in...   more
Participants: Holzmann
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Clemens Holzmann
  • Software Technology and Applications


Receptor proteins on the surface of human cells play a key role in the transmission of signals from the environment into the interior of the cell. A complex...   more
Participants: Jacak | Weghuber | Schaller | Borgmann
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Stephan Winkler
  • Software Technology and Applications

Opinion Mining and Biomedical Information Retrieval

In our modern knowledge society, the effective use of mostly unstructured and exponentially growing data is one of the biggest challenges for computer science....   more
Participants: Dorfer | Auinger | Winkler | Kern
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Stephan Winkler
  • Software Technology and Applications

AIR - Advanced Interface Research

The goal of the project AIR (Advanced Interface Research) is to explore new ways of interaction with interactive systems in real-world scenarios, looking into...   more
Participants: Holzmann
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Clemens Holzmann
  • Software Technology and Applications

European Programme for Sustainable ICT in Academic Education

Information and communication technology (ICT) pervades almost all aspects of our lives, and has become fundamental for the running of economies across every...   more
Participants: Kurschl | Selinger | Holzmann
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Herwig Mayr
  • Software Technology and Applications


HeuristicLab is an open source system for heuristic optimization that features several metaheuristic optimization algorithms (e.g., genetic algorithms, genetic...   more
Participants: Wagner | Winkler | Kronberger | Kommenda | Beham | Karder
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Wagner
  • Software Technology and Applications


IHE - Integrating the Healtcare Enterprise - is a world-wide initiative with the goal of standardizing and of harmonizing the medical data processing. Thus...   more
Participants: Mayr | Backfrieder | Altmann
  • Leiter: FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Josef Altmann
  • Software Technology and Applications

Biomedical Information Systems

In the past few years, the promises of biotechnology - understanding the human body and its intercellular processes, detailed knowledge of health and disease,...   more
Participants: Dorfer | Pitzer | Kern | Kommenda
  • Leiter: DI (FH) Thomas Kern
  • Software Technology and Applications

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