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Dr. Hans-Christian Jetter, M.Sc., B.Sc.

Christian Jetter treads new paths for a „more natural“ human-computer interaction and visualization. The computer scientist has been a professor of user experience and interaction design on the Human-Centred Computing degree course since 2005.

As a computer scientist, Christian Jetter uses the findings of psychology and the methods of product design to solve real technological problems.  How can computer systems or interactive products (eg. smartphones or smart homes) be made to ensure that their use appears “natural“ and “user-friendly“ to the user? How can large amounts of data be visualized on screens and controlled by people so that they can always keep an overview and gain new insights from the data?

Christian Jetter relies on his extensive international experience in cutting-edge research into human-computer interaction, visualization and usability which, following his doctorate at the University of Constance, led him to carry out research at Microsoft Research Cambridge, to Intel and to University College London.

Christian Jetter is currently designing new digital tools for group work with interactive visualizations of large data sets (“big data“). For example, multiple users use multiple tablets together with a large touch-and-pen sensitive display wall in order to collect, visualize, analyze and discuss visualizations. His research results are also implemented in the area of more intuitive interaction with computers or computer-controlled machines (for example in manufacturing) and these results are regularly presented and published at leading world conferences such as the ACM CHI.

A corresponding research project USIVIS (User-Centred Interactive Visualization of Big Data) at Hagenberg Campus and Steyr Campus will be funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency to a total of EUR 0.93 million from December 1st 2016. The successful application and exciting research results make Christian Jetter our “researcher of the month” from Hagenberg. 


Dr. Hans-Christian Jetter
Phone: +43 5 0804 22920
Email: hans-christian.jetter@fh-hagenberg.at
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