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Technical Equipment

Our range of research areas is as broad as the range of technical equipment available for R&D at our schools. Our laboratories are comprehensively equipped with the most modern technical devices and software tools. This ensures results that are truly state-of-the-art.

The following equipment is available at Linz Campus:

  • Agilent 5400 AFM Atomic Force Microscope
  • Agilent Arbitrary Wave Form Generator
  • AK 100 Dialysemaschine
  • Biometrics Goniometer & Torsiometer
  • Biopac Student Laboratory System
  • Cadstar Layout Software
  • Datrend Oxitest 7 SPO 2 Simulator
  • Digimess RLC 300 RLC-Meßbrücke
  • Dito EM Prüfpistole
  • EM Test UCS 500 M4 Burst/Surge Generator
  • Eysee-Cam Light
  • g.tec MOBILab Biosignalmeßgeräte
  • GE VingMed Ultraschallgerät
  • Kistler Kraftmessplatte Type 9281CA
  • Le Croy WS 454 Wave Surver Oszilloskop
  • Lukotronik 3D Kamerasystem
  • Mtk biomed PSI 300 Patientensimulator
  • Nikon ME 50i Mikroskop
  • Nikon ME 600L Mikroskop
  • Olympus IX-81 (Super Resolution Microscope)
  • Optotrac Certus Motion Capture System
  • Otto Bock Myoprothese
  • Rhode & Schwarz  Isotropische Antenne
  • Rhode & Schwarz  Portable Spectrum Analyzer
  • Smart Arm GX-2 NIBP Simulator
  • Spacelabs Patienten Monitore
  • Storz Endoskop System
  • T & T Druckmesssohlen & Druckmatte
  • Toshiba Ultraschallgerät Doppler-Effekt
  • Unimet 1100 ST Bender Tester
  • Woodway Laufband PPS 55ortho

For further questions regarding equipment, please refer to the head of the research center on campus!

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