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March 2017

Prof.(FH) Dr. Julian Weghuber

Professor of “Molecular Cell Physiology“ in the course of studies “Food technology and Nutrition“ and Head of the Working Group “Functional Food“ (14 employees) at the FH Upper Austria.

Julian Weghuber holds a doctorate in biology / genetics and has a strong background in biophysics / fluorescence microscopy for which his 5 years of experience as a postdoc at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) from 2006-2010 served as a foundation. His research focuses on the development and validation of high-tech assays in order to characterize the effects of secondary metabolites compared to synthetic substances at the molecular level. Further research focuses on the implementation of clinical trials in cooperation with medical institutions (Salzburger Landeskliniken, Klinikum Wels/Grieskirchen) for the characterization of in-vivo herbal ingredients and application oriented research with companies in the food and fodder industry. Weghuber, with his imminent post-doctoral position at the JKU Linz is head of several R&D projects, among others of 2 FFG Bridge projects. From 2017 he will also be responsible for the operational management of the first K1 centre in the food industry in Wels (FFoQSI, 2017-2021; head office Tulln, scientific director, Prof. Dr. Martin Wagner). He is coauthor of 37 research papers and book articles.  Information on project activities and publications can be viewed here: 




FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber
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Email: julian.weghuber@fh-wels.at
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