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More than 400 R&D projects are carried out annually by our researchers at our 4 faculties. They cooperate with more than 600 national and international business and scientific partners.

ADAM - Advanced multimodal data analysis and visualization of composites based on grating interferometer micro-CT data

Recent advances in 3D X-ray computed tomography (XCT) hardware have enabled applying the principles of Talbot–Lau grating interferometry (TLGI) in the first…   more

BeyondInspection - Digitisation platform for the predictive evaluation of Aerospace components by multimodal multiscalar inspection

For aeronautic applications, aside zero-defect manufacturing, also (almost) lot-size-one production is an important feature of the associated manufacturing,…   more

Com3d-XCT - Com3d-XCT: Competence Center for High-Resolution 3D X-ray Imaging

Non-destructive testing (NDT) of components by means of microcomputed tomography (XCT) is an important task in many fields, e.g. in the automotive and…   more
Participants: Glinz | Wittner

CT Dissfinanzierung Borealis - CT-Phd: Damage characterization of fibre reinforced polymers by X-ray computed tomography

"Damage characterization of fibre reinforced polymers by X-ray computed tomography” - Goal of this project is the development of a toolbox for a complete…   more
Participants: Maurer

HMV-3D: Hochleistungsmessverfahren für die Qualitätssicherung

Ziel des Projektes ist einerseits für das Spritzgießverfahren - dem wichtigsten Verfahren in der Kunststoffverarbeitung - neue Messgrößen zur…   more
Participants: Plank | Senck

ImageHeadstart - Breakthrough Computer Vision Applications in the Micro World: Consortium of Research Organizations for Industry 4.0

Objective: The ImageHeadstart consortium will (1) integrate regional companies into the research structure of the region, (2) bring together research…   more

Interaktive Gonarthrose-Datenbank der 3D-Mikrostruktur, Geometrie und Biomechanik

ArthroKnee combines micro-CT and X-ray images of osteoarthritis patients to generate individualised 3D knee models.   more

INTERAQCT - International network for the training of early stage researchers on advanced quality control by computed tomography

The non-destructive quality control of a wide variety of high-added value products, produced by innovative manufacturing techniques, remains a challenge.…   more

K1-MET 5.2-CT

Objectives Investigation of complex NMI and precipitations with high-resolution methods and the correlation between casting, sampling and physical…   more

K-Projekt für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung und Tomografie - K-Project for non-destructive testing and tomography

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is of increasing importance for improving the quality and reliability of industrial products and enables the development of new…   more
Participants: Plank

MetAMMI - MetAMMI - Metrology for additively manufactured medical implants

The goal of MetAMMI is the analysis of additively manufactured medical devices using micro-computed tomography. The project focuses on the quantification of…   more

MiCi - Multimodale und in-situ Charakterisierungsverfahren für inhomogene Werkstoffe (MiCi)

This project is implementing non-destructive testing methods in a multimodal testbed for in situ characterisation of inhomogeneous materials. A new 3D X-ray…   more

Phad-CT - Quantitative phase and dark-field contrast computed tomography for industrial applications on lightweight materials

In sectors such as the automotive and aerospace industry there are high demands on hardware components, in particular in relation to lightweight constructions…   more
Participants: Glinz

pore3D - Systematic analysis of three-dimensional pore structures in fiber-reinforced plastics using 3D X-ray methods.

The main objective is to quantitatively evaluate the three-dimensional pore structure in a variety of fibrereinforced plastics using X-ray CT techniques and to…   more
Participants: Plank

PSSP - Photonic Sensing for Smarter Processes

The aim of the K-PSSP project is to generate process knowledge of photonic methods (CT, thermography, laser ultrasound, ...) that previously did not exist in…   more

Quantitative X-ray tomography of advanced polymer composites

Advanced composite materials (ACMs) typically contain two or more constituents, such as resin, fibers, and pores, with different physical and chemical…   more
Participants: Fröhler | Heim

Regio13: RegStore

Ziel dieses Projektes ist die Entwicklung einer neuartigen Kombination aus elektrochemischen und biotechnologischen Prozessen zur Speicherung von…   more
Participants: Senck

ReMaP - Research of Magnesium Alloys for Additive Manufacturing of Structural and Biodegradable Parts

The INTERREG AT-CZ project ReMaP aims at the development of novel magnesium (Mg) alloys for future applications in lightweight construction and as implant…   more
Participants: Holzleitner

SpaceNDT - Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Techniques for Damage Characterization of Space Materials and Components

The ultimate goal of this project is the establishment of NDT protocols for the verification of damage tolerance in fracture-critical components in order to…   more

SpaceXCT - SpaceXCT - X-ray Techniques for NDT and Damage Characterization of Space Materials and Components

In spaceXCT we combine micro-computed tomography and grating-based X-ray dark-field imaging to detect defects in polymer composites, additively manufactured…   more
Participants: Plank

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