TIMed CENTER Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine

Center Equipment

Our researchers work in interfaculty project teams, so they can always access modern technical hardware and software equipment and existing laboratory equipment. These include:

  • Bioinformatics Algorithms, Analysis Software, HeuristicLab Software Platform and High-Performance Computing Cluster: Biomedical Data Analysis, Genome Sequencing Analysis, Data Mining, Medical Image Processing (Image Analysis / Filtering, Reconstruction, Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Surgery, Model-based Segmentation)
  • Chemical Analysis: quantification of substances by means of HPLC and GC with coupled mas-spectrometric analysis for precise identification and chemical structure analysis
  • Measurement and Sensor Technology: Development and application of new measurement techniques and sensory solutions for biomedical engineering
  • Microscopy, Spectroscopy and Industrial CT: Investigations of samples by means of confocal, fluorescence and spectroscopy, photoacoustic methods and industrial CT, surface characterization and manipulation using the AFM

Moreover, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria grants external partners access to its laboratory infrastructure as well as to the expertise of its researchers working in the field of medical device technology. In order to convince universities and companies interested in cooperations to come to an project-based working agreement, the TIMed CENTER Core Facilities were introduced in 2018. Please find out more about the six research areas these facilities are specialized on by clicking on the following link.

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