TIMed CENTER Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine




WiDiGe - Creation of a cross-border center for knowledge transfer and establishment of a platform for cooperation in the field of digital health

Goal: To identify the barriers to cross-border cooperation in the event of a crisis and in the case of cross-border treatment of patients, and to identify possible solutions for more in-depth and coordinated collaboration.  Read more

CaImAn – Casual Immersive Analytics

Taraget: Use of virtual reality technologies for data analysis in various application areas.  Read more

Josef-Ressel-Center for Phytogenic Ingredients Research

Target: Increased use of phytogenic drugs and substances to prevent diseases in humans and to improve the health of animals.  Read more

LeiVMed II

Target: Calculation of KPIs concerning outcome, processes and costs based on which process management in hospitals may be standardized.  Read more

3D-Lithography Structures for Cell Differentiation

Target: Investigating cell-cell-interactions by means of 3D-scaffolds with which the conditions for stem cell osteogenesis may be identified and optimized.  Read more

Vascular MicroLab

Target: Investigating the origin of thrombosis by means of microfluidics and super-resolution microscopy.  Read more


Target: Development of governmentally accepted measuring methods for the assessment of 3D-printed implants.  Read more


Target: Development of a smart phantom for the optimization and education of ultrasound imaging diagnosis and guided interventions.  Read more


Target: Biophysical characterization of extra-cellular bio particles for therapeutical application.  Read more

Diagnostics of Biomarkers and Analysis of Drug Dynamics

Goal: Expansion of the infrastructural and methodological basis for novel diagnostics and drug development.  Read more

Biophysical Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies

Target: Investigating the function of monoclonal antibodies on molecular level for the purpose of treating cancer.  Read more

Transfer of miRNA from Single HDL Particles to Cells

Target: Use of high-resolution microscopy to characterize the micro-RNA-communication between tissues in the body on a nano-level.  Read more


Target: Identification and characterization of herbal antidiabetic drugs for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.  Read more


Target: Investigation of temperature-dependent thrombocyte activation in plasma concentrates to extend the shelf-life of preserves.  Read more

Research Group Surgical Simulators Linz (ReSSL)

Target: Development of mixed-reality-simulators for medical assistants for the training of surgical interventions.  Read more


Target: Development of a high-resolution 3D-fluorescence microscopy system for biomedical diagnostics.  Read more


Target: Development of self-learning search algorithms for high-resolution mass spectra.  Read more



Result: Presentation of scientific methods and findings on the effective use of the state-of-the-art in digitized health technology.  Read more


Result: Establishing mathematical models that calculate which treatment combinations are likely to cause complications in patients.  Read more

FeeL - Feedback for Leg Prostheses

Target: Transfer pressure information of an exo-prothesis to the remaining stump of an ablated leg to improve its perception.  Read more

Functional Polymers for Biomimetics (PolFunk)

Target: Investigation of polymer surfaces (µm/nm) that imitate chemical and mechanical properties of biological systems.  Read more


Target: Development of innovative pharmaceutical tea products based on selected teas with health promoting substances.  Read more

Identification of Protein-Protein-Interactions (Framework)

Target: Development of algorithms to identify proteins from mass spectroscopy data and micro-patterning assays.  Read more

Czech-Austrian-Center for Supracellular Medical Research

Target: Lithografic printing of polymer structures that are seeded with cells; biological characterizing of cell structures & polymers.  Read more

Screening 2.0

Result: Development of a concept for non-invasive tools to diagnose and prevent diabetes.  Read more


Result: Combination of Micro-CT and x-ray-photographs of patients with arthrosis to generate individualized knee-models in 3D.  Read more


Result: Successful development of a hybrid simulator for the training of needle insertions into the spinal cord.  Read more


Result: Identification of Insulin-mimetic drugs by means of biophysical and molecular biological methods.  Read more


Result: Installation of a laboratory for the analysis of walking and movement accessible for the industry and healthcare sector.  Read more


Result: Algorithms for the detailed detection, representation and analysis of human B- and T-cells of the adaptive immune system.  Read more


Result: Development of a bioinformatics-framework for image processing for the automated analysis of cellular macro- and nano-structures.  Read more


Result: Analysis of the effect of secondary plant substances on medically relevant surface molecules of human cells.  Read more

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