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TIMed CENTER Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine




WiDiGe - Creation of a cross-border center for knowledge transfer and establishment of a platform for cooperation in the field of digital health

Goal: The Corona crisis has shown that cross-border cooperation for the management of pandemics, but also environmental and natural disasters (e.g. floods), is an important prerequisite for the coordination of measures and the care of people in the border area.  Read more

CaImAn – Casual Immersive Analytics

Taraget: Use of virtual reality technologies for data analysis in various application areas.  Read more

Josef-Ressel-Center for Phytogenic Ingredients Research

Target: Increased use of phytogenic drugs and substances to prevent diseases in humans and to improve the health of animals.  Read more

LeiVMed II

Target: Calculation of KPIs concerning outcome, processes and costs based on which process management in hospitals may be standardized.  Read more

3D-Lithography Structures for Cell Differentiation

Target: Investigating cell-cell-interactions by means of 3D-scaffolds with which the conditions for stem cell osteogenesis may be identified and optimized.  Read more

Vascular MicroLab

Target: Investigating the origin of thrombosis by means of microfluidics and super-resolution microscopy.  Read more


Target: Development of governmentally accepted measuring methods for the assessment of 3D-printed implants.  Read more


Target: Development of a smart phantom for the optimization and education of ultrasound imaging diagnosis and guided interventions.  Read more


Target: Biophysical characterization of extra-cellular bio particles for therapeutical application.  Read more

Diagnostics of Biomarkers and Analysis of Drug Dynamics

Goal: Expansion of the infrastructural and methodological basis for novel diagnostics and drug development.  Read more

Biophysical Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies

Target: Investigating the function of monoclonal antibodies on molecular level for the purpose of treating cancer.  Read more

Transfer of miRNA from Single HDL Particles to Cells

Target: Use of high-resolution microscopy to characterize the micro-RNA-communication between tissues in the body on a nano-level.  Read more


Target: Identification and characterization of herbal antidiabetic drugs for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.  Read more


Target: Investigation of temperature-dependent thrombocyte activation in plasma concentrates to extend the shelf-life of preserves.  Read more

Research Group Surgical Simulators Linz (ReSSL)

Target: Development of mixed-reality-simulators for medical assistants for the training of surgical interventions.  Read more


Target: Development of a high-resolution 3D-fluorescence microscopy system for biomedical diagnostics.  Read more


Target: Development of self-learning search algorithms for high-resolution mass spectra.  Read more



Result: Presentation of scientific methods and findings on the effective use of the state-of-the-art in digitized health technology.  Read more


Result: Establishing mathematical models that calculate which treatment combinations are likely to cause complications in patients.  Read more

FeeL - Feedback for Leg Prostheses

Target: Transfer pressure information of an exo-prothesis to the remaining stump of an ablated leg to improve its perception.  Read more

Functional Polymers for Biomimetics (PolFunk)

Target: Investigation of polymer surfaces (µm/nm) that imitate chemical and mechanical properties of biological systems.  Read more


Target: Development of innovative pharmaceutical tea products based on selected teas with health promoting substances.  Read more

Identification of Protein-Protein-Interactions (Framework)

Target: Development of algorithms to identify proteins from mass spectroscopy data and micro-patterning assays.  Read more

Czech-Austrian-Center for Supracellular Medical Research

Target: Lithografic printing of polymer structures that are seeded with cells; biological characterizing of cell structures & polymers.  Read more

Screening 2.0

Result: Development of a concept for non-invasive tools to diagnose and prevent diabetes.  Read more


Result: Combination of Micro-CT and x-ray-photographs of patients with arthrosis to generate individualized knee-models in 3D.  Read more


Result: Successful development of a hybrid simulator for the training of needle insertions into the spinal cord.  Read more


Result: Identification of Insulin-mimetic drugs by means of biophysical and molecular biological methods.  Read more


Result: Installation of a laboratory for the analysis of walking and movement accessible for the industry and healthcare sector.  Read more


Result: Algorithms for the detailed detection, representation and analysis of human B- and T-cells of the adaptive immune system.  Read more


Result: Development of a bioinformatics-framework for image processing for the automated analysis of cellular macro- and nano-structures.  Read more


Result: Analysis of the effect of secondary plant substances on medically relevant surface molecules of human cells.  Read more

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