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Research Projects


Target: Biophysical characterization of extra-cellular bio particles for therapeutical application.

Bio particles play an important physiological respectively patho-physiological role, for example in the context of tissue regeneration, cancer, infections and neurodegeneration. Furthermore, they can be used as natural drug carriers for pharmaceuticals. With the current methods in use, however, it is impossible to analyze single populations of bio particles specifically and in high-resolution. A standardized quality control that can be applied in therapy, diagnostics and bio-technology is essential, however. The goal of the project BioCETA is to build an innovative, multi-modal biophysical analysis of bio particles.

Aside the necessary infrastructure and adequate staff, competencies in the field of analysis methods are about to be built-up and extended in the context of this project. Bio particle-properties like particle size, morphology and protein compounds as well as the transport and absorption of cells are investigated. For that purporse, established methods and existing expertise in the fields of high-speed atomic force microscopy, high- and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and bioinformatics are adapted to the new requirements, combined and methodically built-up and expanded.

The research group expects to come to findings and results that are relevant for industrial applications in pharmacology, bio technology and material engineering. Only with their support, it can be ensured that the biological function can be sustained, reproduced and remains pure in the course of production processes. A lot of companies, medical doctors and research institutions are waiting for the chance to use these innovative characterization and analysis methods in their own fields. 

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