TIMed CENTER Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine

Research Projects

Biophysical Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies

Target: Investigating the function of monoclonal antibodies on molecular level for the purpose of treating cancer.

Currently, there is an increased use of monoclonal antibodies in the context of the treatment of patients that suffer from cancer. In cooperation with a leading, internationally operating pharma company, this research group in Linz investigates the function of these innovative therapeutics on a molecular level.

In contrast to other running projects of the TIMed Center, the Biophysical Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies is a privately funded contract work. 

  • Head: DI Dr. Johannes Preiner
  • Funding Program: none (contract project)
  • Duration: since 09/2017
  • Extended: since 08/2020
  • Faculty: Linz
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