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Research Projects

CaImAn – Casual Immersive Analytics

Taraget: Use of virtual reality technologies for data analysis in various application areas.

The project Casual Immersive Analytics (CaImAn) deals with the transfer of classical and established data analysis methods into the domain of virtual reality. Existing methods are tested for their useful applicability in interactive stereoscopic representation. Concepts for the adaptation of these methods into the VR domain are developed and suitable analysis methods are implemented prototypically. The prototypes are basically independent of the application domain, but are filled with data from selected COEs for implementation and evaluation.

Further information about the project: https://hive.fh-hagenberg.at/projekte/

  • Head: FH-Prof. Dr. Christoph Anthes MSc
  • Funding Program: Basisfinanzierung
  • Duration: ab 10/2018
  • Faculties: Hagenberg, Steyr
  • Partners: Logistikum/JRC Live, RG Bioinformatik
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