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Josef-Ressel-Center for Phytogenic Ingredients Research

Target: Increased use of phytogenic drugs and substances to prevent diseases in humans and to improve the health of animals.

The recently founded Josef-Ressel-Center for Phytogenic Ingredients Research is one of the biggest projects of the TIMed CENTER yet. In cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna as well as with three established partners from the field of business, researchers of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria try to find ways to integrate active phytogenic ingredients in food and nutritional supplements. The superordinate goal is to prevent diseases in humans and to improve the health of animals.

For that purpose, biological testing systems that allow the detailed characterization of active phytogenic ingredients in terms of their effects on a cellular level are developed and implemented. Another key aspect of the center's work is the chemical-analytical characterization of raw material, essences and functional products. These activities aim at indentifying and quantifying bioactive ingredients and potential "lead substances".

Another goal of the researchers at the Josef-Ressel-Center is the increase of drug concentration, which is expected to be achieved by developing alternative and optimized extraction procedures. In order to integrate those active substances in the production process of food and animal feed, the necessary technological conditions have to be created. This is also an important part of the studies conducted at the Campus Wels.  

  • Head:FH-Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber
  • Funding Program: Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft
  • Duration: since 01/2019
  • Extended: since 01/2021
  • Faculties: Wels, Hagenberg
  • Partners: TU Wien, Delacon GmbH, agromed Austria GmbH, PM International AG
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