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Research Projects

LeiVMed II

Target: Calculation of KPIs concerning outcome, processes and costs based on which process management in hospitals may be standardized.

The follow-up of the project "Performance Comparison in Medicine", which is is called LeiVMed II and carried out at the campus Steyr, is concerned with calculating comparable KPIs for outcome, processes and costs respectively benchmarks of surgical disciplines. In order to be able to conduct their studies, TIMed CENTER researchers are provided with authentic patients' data from gespag-hospitals in Upper Austria.

In this context, a special focus is directed at outcome-benchmarks regarding complications that are related to the treatment of diseases and injuries. All over the world, hospitals do not record data about complications in a structured way, however. This makes it impossbile for currently available software to purposefully analyze the data. The research group concerned with LeiVMed II uses artificial intelligence that evaluates existing data fast without requiring high financial resources.

Analytical models (e.g. risk adjustment), ontology-based data processing and quality assurance are used to make sure that the resulting KPIs and benchmarks are fair and valid. Moreover, the clinical data the studies are based on is anoymized in order to protect the patients' privacy. The KPIs calculated in the course of the project LeiVMed II lay the foundation for the standardization of the process management. Benchmarking allows hospitals to learn from each other and to improve continously. 

  • Head: Dr. Gerhard Halmerbauer
  • Funding Program: none (contract project)
  • Duration: from 10/2018 to 09/2020
  • Extended: since 10/2020 (LeiVMed II+)
  • Faculty: Steyr
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