TIMed CENTER Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine

Research Projects


Result: Installation of a laboratory for the analysis of walking and movement accessible for the industry and healthcare sector.


In order to create innovative solutions in the area of rehabilitation technology and prosthetics, a detailed analysis of human motion and the forces related to them is necessary. Some globally operating companies are able to collect this data in their self-funded biomechanical motion laboratories. Small and middle-sized companies that cannot access this know-how and infrastructure and do not have the resources to build their own, however, are kept from developing products in this sector.

This project had the goal to establish a publicly accessible laboratory for gait and motion analysis. The research group responsible for this task was able to draw from experiences of the past and to use a stock of instruments of the degree program "Medical Engineering" at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. In the context of the project, existing know-how as well as the available laboratory infrastructure were used and enhanced. In September 2016, the Intelligent Motion and Prosthetics Lab ("MoPro-Lab") was born, a facility that can be accessed by cooperation partners from the industry and healthcare sector.

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