TIMed CENTER Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine

Research Projects

Research Group Surgical Simulators Linz (ReSSL)

Target: Development of mixed-reality-simulators for medical assistants for the training of surgical interventions.

In the future, a high standard of modern healthcare systems will be ensured by surgical simulators. With mixed-reality simulators, medical doctors will be able to train surgical interventions and, thus, will have internalized the necessary skills before performing their first surgery on a real patient.

The goal of this project is to establish the Research Group Surgical Simulators Linz, a team that is concerned with the development and enhancement of hybrid surgical simulators. These systems consist of model- and computer-based simulations. While the computer models simulate morphological structurs and physiological processes, the phantoms (artificial replications of the human body) provide realistic haptic feedback. 

Navigation systems, sensors and actuators allow to track the position of instruments, implants and anatomic structures in real-time. Furthermore, it is possible to measure objective parameters in order to analyze and assess surgical interventions, to simulate bleedings and to measure the mechanical stress of critical anatomical structures. The Research Group Surgical Simulators Linz has more tasks than the modular development of the necessary basic technologies and the analysis of surgical procedures: They also develop educational and training modules, conduct workshops and seminars and establish an international network.

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